Day 1: Rapid Prototyping

It is the first day of school and we only had 15 minute class periods. My class began with 6 students enrolled, but today I worked with the counselor and hopefully we will have more students added to the class soon.

Here is how I used our first 15 minutes of AP Computer Science Principles.

  1. I assigned two groups of 3 using Flippity’s random name picker and handed each lerner a few post its as they entered the room.
  2. The board had a question posted:  “What is something you know a lot about?” and teach learner wrote 1 idea per post it.
  3. I collected their interests after a few minutes, read them aloud as I stuck them to the dry erase boards.
  4. I gave each individual a copy of the Personal Innovations Activity Guide from the curriculum and asked them to pick 4 that seemed interesting to them, then complete the other two columns for each of their selected interests.Capture


And that is all we had time for!

I encouraged them to be creative and not to get stuck too long on developing a perfect idea. Tomorrow they will pick one in small groups and make a fast prototype as a warm up activity. It was a good way to get to know the students interests and to get them thinking creatively on the first day of the year. Hopefully by the time class starts tomorrow I have many more learners enrolled in the class.


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