Day 5: Binary Numbers

We began with the “getting started” activity in Unit 1 lesson 5 . Then we related these symbols to 1’s and 0’s and discussed that given just 2 symbols and a system, we could make any number.

Next, we played with exploding dots in pairs using counting chips and big dry erase boards. I challenged the class to find a shortcut as converting numbers using a 2<–1 machine became increasingly tedious. With time and discussion, Learners were able to explain that each place doubles in value. After they could verbalize how binary works, I gave the the binary practice sheet from the activity so they could test and refine their assumptions.

While the class was still working on the practice sheet, I distributed the Flippy Do from the lesson and made this available as a resource. Most of the learners decided not to use it because they felt like they did not need it.

As a close they logged in to their accounts and completed the reflection questions from lesson 5.


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