Grading AP Computer Science Principles

It occurred to me that I am going to have to get a grade book set up for this class, now that it is 2 weeks into the school year. I have to use a district mandated grade book (Infinite Campus), but I have freedom in how I structure the grading for the class. I decided to start by finding out what other teachers do:


Matt Owen shared his criteria:


and Kyle Dencker shared his syllabus:


This is one of the reasons I love twitter!

I also hunted down Daniel Schneider’s syllabus that he posted on his 180 Tumblr page to see how he plans on grading AP CSP:


I like Kyle’s idea of changing the grading structure as the school year progresses towards the AP exam. I think I will will focus on the first semester only right now, with the idea that it could be different next semester.

I typically use standards based grading, but since I have so little experience with AP CSP, I think it makes more sense to consider this as an option for the future, and keep it very simple this year.

Here is what I think I will do for this semester only:

  • 40% Assessments
  • 40% Projects, programs and Practice performance tasks
  • 20% Assignments & bubble questions.
    • I really like this part of Bradley Ostrander’s syllabus, and plan to do the same:

*Bubbles are a series of formative free response and multiple choice questions embedded into the online curriculum. Students may go back and improve their responses at any time. They may then request an updated grade check for those specific questions.

I really don’t like grading. It seems unfair no matter how I structure it, but I also recognize that it is important in the development of a class culture. I have to start somewhere.


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