So much for 180 daily posts!

Whelp. It looks like my last post was just before Thanksgiving break, so here is how we used the time between Thanksgiving break and the semester break, which was only a few weeks since our holiday break began 12/15 this year:

I assigned unit 3, lessons 1 through 8 as homework assignments while we worked through unit 2 in class. After Thanksgiving break, we spent a few days finishing up unit 3 lessons 8 and 9. Then I assigned groups on two or three students, and students completed lesson 10: a practice performance task as their final projects.

Here is an example of a program one team created. The task was just to create an image where they collaborate to make a plan and each team member contributes something. This team decided to use random number generators and a nested for-loop to locate the stars, so each time the program loads, the stars are in different locations.

I am now planning the pacing for next semester. I am in awe of how much time is required for students to spend on the AP Create and Explore tasks. When I calculated the minutes required as dictated by the College Board, the Explore task requires about 3 weeks and the create task requires about 4 weeks. I doubt my students will use all of this time in class to complete these tasks. I was considering assigning unit 5 as homework during the period that students are working on these tasks in class so that they continue to learn.


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