AP Explore Task

Most of February was spent on the AP Explore Task.

The survival guide from code.org was incredibly helpful.

I broke the guide into chunks. We invested a full class period into rapid researching topic ideas. It was tricky to figure out how to be helpful with out giving direct support.

We built a calendar as a class with a goal for each of the class periods towards completing the Explore Task.

Occasionally, I printed a sample response and rubric, assigned students to work in pairs and score the response. Then we would review the corresponding scoring notes, then students would go back to working on their explore task. It was helpful for students to see sample work from others, particularly the artifacts.

After about 3 weeks, students uploaded their tasks and artifacts to the college board’s digital portfolio.

Based on my own scoring of my student’s responses work, here is what I found:

  • Row 1: Artifact – 86% turned in an acceptable artifact.
  • Row 2: Response 2A – 71% earned the point for stating a fact about the innovation’s purpose or function.
  • Row 3: Response 2C  – 100% of the students correctly identified one effect of the innovation. I think this may because we started here when selecting an innovation.
  • Row 4: Response 2C  – 86% identified a harmful and beneficial effect of their innovation.
  • Row 5: Response 2C  – Only 29% of students explained how one of the effects relates to society economy or culture.
  • Row 6: Response 2D – Only 43% identified and explained data the selected innovation uses and how it is consumed.
  • Row 7: Response 2D – 71% of the submissions identified a storage, data or privacy concern.
  • Row 8: Response 2E – Only 29% of students cited 3 different sourced through in text citations, with 2 being in the past school year.

Some of these results are incredibly frustrating, since we have explicitly worked on each of these components in different lessons last semester, and they are so clear in the rubric. I wanted to document student’s work here so that I have easy access to this information as I plan how to improve my instruction next school year. Maybe it could help someone else too.


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